An adventurous journey of 11 days in six inspiring countries

Our classic, 11 days magnificent tour package includes more travel thrill in a single vacation than you can imagine. You’ll get the chance to witness SIX amazing countries, Netherland, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany and Luxembourg.

Day 1: Amsterdam

You will be welcomed and picked up from the Amsterdam Airport with a luxurious tourist bus and then dropped at the hotel for check-in. You can relax get some rest until the adventure of this tour begins. In the evening, we’ll have an orientation and a chance to get familiarised, followed by a little walking tour through the streets of Amsterdam before we have a traditional rijsttafel dinner together. 

Day 2: Amsterdam

After a delicious breakfast, we’ll begin our tour in Amsterdam with an entertaining local guide and get an introduction to this developed, picturesque city. On an informative walking tour of Amsterdam’s historic streets, filled with teetering, gable-topped houses overlooking centuries-old canals, we’ll continue our journey, cruising the waterways on a relaxing canal boat. 

Day 3: The Haag-Brussel

After a refreshing breakfast, we’ll leave Amsterdam to continue our tour to The Hague (also known as Den Haag) with your local private guide. You will see spectacular sights in The Hague like the world-famous Peace Palace (International Court of Justice) before we depart for Brussels, the capital of Belgium. 

In Brussel, we’ll see the inner heart of the city by discovering all the alleys and small streets of the city centre. This will allow you to experience the most artistic and colourful corners of Brussels, a city full of history. 

Day 4: Waterloo-Paris

While strolling through the Battlefield of Waterloo, we explore the ancient, inherent places like La Haye Sainte and Hougoumont. We’ll gain an insight into how Wellington and the Allied coalition defeated Napoleon in 1815. 

Our tour will then en route to Paris, followed by a panoramic tour of the central city by bus. We will stop at Arc de Triomphe, a monument built to honour the army. Further, we will stop at Place de la Concorde, a place rich in culture and history, and the world-renowned Eiffel Tower.

Day 5: Paris 

Today our tour continues in Paris, the capital of France, world-famous for its landmarks and indulged with art, fashion, and culture. You can enjoy a canal cruise through the city and numerous engaging, fun activities.

Day 6: Paris-Lucerne 

We leave Paris to continue our trip towards Lucerne, Switzerland. After reaching the destination, you can relax and enjoy the marvellous facilities available at the hotel. In the evening we’ll have a meandering walk through Switzerland’s most stunning lakeside town, ending the evening with a dinner together. 

Day 7: Lucerne-Zurich

The next morning, we’ll have more time to explore Lucerne. We’ll find out why the Swiss consume the most chocolate in Europe, sampling a selection to judge for yourself if it’s the best in the world. We will then continue to Zurich to explore another famous city in Switzerland. 

Day 8: Zurich- Schaffhausen- Black Forest (Schwarzwald)

Today we’ll leave Zurich to continue our journey towards Schaffhausen. Our trained guide will show you the most attractive spots in Schaffhausen, the largest river in Europe, the Rhine Falls.

After lunch, we’ll investigate the phenomenon behind the Black Forest (Schwarzwald), which is known for coo-coo clock and fantastic wooded mountain ranges. Our driving tour is designed to ensure plenty of time to stop to capture the sceneries and attractions. 

Day 9: Black Forest (Schwarzwald)

The same area but a new point of view, relax and relish with a walking trip of the majestic waterfall, visiting coo-coo clock shops and eating the world-famous Schwarzwald cake. 

Day 10: Strasbourg- Luxemburg 

Our tour will continue to Luxembourg through Strasbourg, a city rich in culture, architecture and also the official seat of the European Parliament. In Luxembourg, we’ll visit the Place de la Constitution and Adolphe Bridge.

Day 11: Strasbourg- Luxemburg- Amsterdam 

After breakfast, we’ll drive to Amsterdam Airport through various Dutch cities like Eindhoven.

Goodbyes are always hard, but not if we hope to see each other again!

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