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CORONA VIRUS ”Together we are hopeful and looking forward to the day when we can safely travel Europe again. Momentarily, we provide free cancellation up to 30 days before your departure date to make your reservation easier. We think a minibus is a perfect alternative for smaller groups, such as family, friends and colleagues. You can travel safely with people you already know. We are cautious about hygiene and claim to follow all the necessary protocols to ensure your health and safety.”



We offer comprehensive and fascinating tours with multiple destinations in the same trip. Travel with us to make your journey a memorable experience for decades.


Are you looking for innovation of your own? Perhaps you want to create a personalised tour with your preferred destinations. Let us know, and together we can plan a trip of your dreams and make your creativity a reality!


Diyar Europe Tours is offering you an exclusive service, an experienced driver with a cosy and comfortable bus. You can start the journey and end it at any point; we will make sure to safely bring you back to your door.

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We have many years of expertise in the tourism industry in Europe and have gained a well-known reputation in this market. Your safety is our priority, relax and enjoy your journey with our highly-skilled drivers. Let us know where in Europe you want to explore and then let us make your dreams come true.  

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